Best Man or Best Woman?

Best man at a gay wedding

Being asked to be a best man is a great honour so if the bride and bride or groom and groom ask you to be their best man then congratulations to you. It can also be a very daunting task so we are here to help with all the advice you will need.

Best Man
As well as organising the stag or hen party the best man is responsible for preparing a speech for the reception, ensuring any special seating arrangements for family members, checking timings and parking arrangements at the wedding venue. At the wedding ceremony itself the best man should assist the photographer in organising any photographs of the guests and ensure that everyone has transport to the reception venue. At the reception he should stand in line greeting the guests and announce the speeches and cake cutting as well as reading out any cards or email messages. The final thing (and commonly most nerve racking for the best man) is the final speech.

Can we have two best men?
If you and your partner have more than one close friend of family member who you would like to offer the position of best man for your wedding then you can of course choose two people. The two chosen best men can share any duties and responsibilities they are given.

If you have not been asked to escort the bride and bride or groom and groom down the aisle then your other two major duties will be to hand over the rings and of course make a witty speech during the reception.