Gay Wedding Transport

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Your wedding car can be as unique as you are – there is no shortage of wedding car hire companies to choose from so be sure to search the market and choose something that reflects your wedding theme.

Most wedding cars come with highly trained and experienced chauffeurs ensuring those last tense moments before the ceremony pass in style and comfort. Your chauffeur will collect you from your home or pick up point and transport you to your wedding venue in style. Sit back, relax (well try to!) and enjoy the beginning of your big day.

two lesbians with campervan at wedding wedding car outside church two lesbians in wedding gowns posing by red sports car gay wedding london bus lesbian wedding on a barge

To help capture the special little moments of your perfect wedding day it is important to select a gay wedding transport professional who is not only experienced but is an excellent wedding driver who will calm the nerves of the brides or grooms to be. Make sure that your selected driver is the best for your transport needs!

Friends Aren’t Always Best
Unless one of your friends is a professional wedding driver, you should try to steer clear of hiring them on your wedding day. The primary reason being that if something should go wrong or you are not satisfied with the level of quality in your transport, you may be jeopardizing your friendship if you either say something or opt not to discuss your displeasure with your friend. Either way, resentment can quickly build up and a friendship can be lost! Rather ask for suggestions of other gay wedding transport pros, using the excuse that you’d prefer to have your friend enjoying your wedding as a guest!

Ask Your Transport Company For References
Ask your short-listed gay wedding transport company for a list of references that would be willing to let you know how their experience with the driver was. Don’t feel shy about asking for the list of references, you will find that a professional wedding transport company is used to offering up a list of references to a potential client!

Ask To See A Portfolio
A portfolio of work from your gay wedding transport company will help you to gauge the “voice” of his work to help determine if it will work for your dream wedding. More than just seeing a portfolio of general work make sure that your driver actually provides you with example of prior wedding work.

Your discussions with your gay wedding transport company should be very open and honest about what your hopes and expectations are of his work. During your wedding and at your wedding reception you will have more than enough other things on your mind to worry about your transport.