Parents Role at a Gay Wedding

proud parent at a gay wedding

Father of the Brides
This is a proud day for the fathers of the brides at a lesbian wedding. Your daughters are getting married to each other and committing to a loving life together. Nowadays it’s not about having deep pockets especially with a lesbian wedding as there is no groom just two brides and that means two fathers to help out financially.

This is often a really emotional day for daughter and dad so your role should include being there for your daughter in the build up to wedding and also on the big day. You may also be asked to do a small speech while sat at the head table. If this is something you are comfortable with then it can be a great opportunity to tell your daughter how proud you are of her, how much you care for her partner and how much you have enjoyed bringing her up and seeing her bloom into a beautiful woman.

Mothers of the Happy Couple
Seeing your child get married to the person they love is one of the greatest moments in any parents life. The fact that you show your support to your son or daughter by attending their wedding demonstrates to them and all of their guests that you love them for who they are and that will mean more than anything or any organising you can do on the day.

Our advice is to just be there for your son or daughter and their partner, relax and enjoy the day.