Tips for the Brides

two lesbians in their wedding dresses arm in arm

Wedding Outfit: Be yourselves. If you don’t want to wear a dress then don’t. There are plenty of stunning outfits to suit all shapes, sizes and personalities. Don’t try to please anyone else but you and your partner – it’s your day!

Shoes: Lesbians and high heels?? If you have never worn a shoe with a heel before then your wedding day is not the ideal time to begin. Choose a shoe that compliments your wedding outfit and something you are comfortable in as you will be wearing them all day and all night. Even if you are wearing a dress you can wear Doc Martins – at we have seen it all.

Make-up: Even if you don’t typically wear make-up from day to day consider it on your wedding day by doing a trial run – maybe when you have your wedding outfit fitting. Make-up applied well by oneself or a make-up artist can really accentuate your wedding photo’s.

Hair: The day before your wedding day is no time to be going for a completely different brave new look. If it’s a disaster there is no turning back. Your wedding day should be planned well in advance so consider your outfit and how you will wear your hair. Will you choose any accessories for your hair? Do a trial run with your hairdresser if you are having a special style for your big day.

Lesbian Friendly: There are unfortunately not so friendly services out there so be sure to plan your wedding with lesbian friendly venues and services. Go visit your venue before you sign on the dotted line and speak with the staff. The last thing you want is disapproving looks on the day of your wedding.