Tips for the Grooms

two gay men holding hands at their wedding with smart suits on

Suits you Sir: Your wedding day is the one and only time you can afford to treat yourself to a nice designer suit. It will make all the difference on the big day and you will look sharp. There are plenty of options for men to wear matching, complimentary or out of the ordinary outfits.

David Dickinson or David Beckham: If you are of pale complexion a nice golden glow can really accentuate your wedding photos and give you a great sense of health and well being. If you have never had a spray tan before then do not leave it until the day before your wedding as if you have a skin reaction you will be in big trouble. See how long it takes for your tan to fade and you can plan how far in advance of your wedding to have your tan.

Hair: Don’t take any chances with hair experiments before your big day – go to a recommended barber or use your usual stylist who you trust. A fresh hair cut and a sharp suit will leave you looking amazing.

Special Gift: Surprise your partner on the morning of your wedding with a romantic gift such as a piece of jewellery. This will be something he can keep as a personal memento of your special day.

Gay Friendly: There are unfortunately not so friendly services out there so be sure to plan your wedding with gay friendly venues and services. Go visit your venue before you sign on the dotted line and speak with the staff. The last thing you want is disapproving looks on the day of your wedding.