Unique Gay Wedding Ceremonies

two lesbians head to head at wedding in medieval dress

If you are looking to be original and have a unique gay wedding ceremony then you will firstly need to consider your theme.

Do you and your partner have an interesting hobby or past time that you would like to become part of your wedding theme? Maybe you have a passion for Volkswagen Campervans or your love Harley Davidson Motorbikes – whatever your interest you can bring it to life at your wedding.

Once you have decided on your theme you can thread this theme into every part of your big day with:

Unique Invitations
Unique Favours
Unique Gifts
Unique Venues

If your guests are people who have attended lots of different weddings the ceremony and reception can often appear very similar from one wedding to another but if you are a guest attending a gay wedding with a unique theme then it will be an amazing day to remember for everyone if you theme it with your individual style so go wild and live a little!!