Gay Wedding Invitations

Wedding stationery can be personalised or generic. Our gay wedding card online store will supply your stationery to a high professional standard and will offer competitive prices. There are now a great range of stationery products available for same-sex couples so everything from your invitations to the order of service or menu can be individually designed to compliment your chosen theme.

So, with your guest list agreed you should aim to get your wedding invitations sent out around 3 months before your big day. You should always purchase more stationery than you need in case you make a mistake on them. Make sure your invites include details of directions to your wedding venue, hotels where your guests can stay and local taxi numbers. If you are expecting a certain dress code then ensure you make this clear on your invite – don’t leave it to word of mouth.

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Creating a Customised Gay Wedding Invitation

Even with all of the options available for the selection of your gay wedding invitation, it can still be difficult to find the ideal invitation that will be a true reflection of your personal style while also being a reflection of the love you and your partner have for one another!

Getting Started – Pick Your Theme
The first steps in creating a custom gay wedding invitation is to set the theme for your wedding. By setting the theme for your wedding before creating your wedding invitations you will be able to incorporate elements from your theme into your wedding invitations in order to start to set the tone for your joyous day! Try to pick a wedding theme that is a true reflection of the personal style that you and your partner have, as well as something that is a reflection of your personalities. If you are both fun-loving and adventurous then perhaps a more whimsical theme is the best gay wedding invitation for your special day!

Creating Your Invitations
There are many options available to you when it comes to the creation of your invitations; you can either pay a visit to a craft store for supplies or you can sit down with a designer who can help you to design the best in gay wedding invitations to help set your wedding apart from others right from the get-go.

If you are creating your own wedding invitations at home, using your excellent craft skills, consider recruiting the help of a few of your closest friends or family members. With a collection of elegant ribbon, attractive card paper, a few sheets of opaque paper, and fine penmanship you can soon create your own custom invitations that will be a reflection of your personal style with a touch of romance to represent your love for one another. Cherry blossoms make an excellent wedding theme and they can also very easily be incorporated into your customised wedding invitations. If cherry blossoms are not your cup of tea then perhaps sticking to the simple colours of your wedding, reds or pinks or even yellows are great colours for a wedding!

If you opt to use the services of a custom card designer you should ensure that you use a designer and printer who have a solid reputation for producing excellent end products within budget and within your deadlines!

No matter how your gay wedding invitations are created, it is important that you get them out and into the hands of your guests well within time so that your guests can make the necessary plans to attend your special day!

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Gay Wedding Invitations to Reflect Your Style
When it comes to designing gay wedding invitations it is important that you make the effort to design invitations that are a true reflection of your personal style and overall personality. Your wedding, after all, may be the first time that many of your invited guests are meeting you and your partner. Take this opportunity to let your style shine through on your special day – starting with your gay wedding invitations.

Determining Your Style
You and your partner may have a clear idea as to what your combined styles are or you may be a bit on the blurry side when it comes to determining a style that will be a true reflection of both of your personalities.

Do you share a love of a sport or another hobby? Perhaps you and your partner are horseback riding enthusiasts? Or perhaps your personal styles lean more towards the fun and whimsical? Or do you think that gay wedding invitations that lean towards the traditional and classical are a better reflection of your personal style?

By determining the style that best reflects your personalities, unique style and perhaps a bit of fun you will be able to create wedding invitations that are as unique as you are!

Important Things to Remember
There are several important things to keep in mind when it comes to sending out the gay wedding invitations to represent the love that you and your partner have for one another!

Ensure that the orders for your gay wedding invitations are submitted at least four months out from your wedding date in order to ensure that your wedding invites are sent out with ample time for your guests to make their plans to attend your special day!

Make sure that the dates are correct! This may seem like an almost silly point to make but you would be surprised at the number of wedding invitations that are sent out with the incorrect date on them! Before you send in your printing order or hand write 100 invitations you should verify that your date is completely accurate!

Order or create extra invitations just in case you find yourself with the need for additional gay wedding invitations; oftentimes invitations get lost in the mail or otherwise misplaced. Having extra invitations on hand can help you to avert a crisis involving a missing invitation and also give you extras to work with for inclusion into your wedding day memory book!