Gay Wedding Venues offers you the largest selection of gay friendly wedding venues worldwide. We have new venues advertising with us every day so be sure to visit us again if you don’t find what you are looking for this time. Whether you choose to hold your special day at home or travel abroad we can offer you a huge range of beautiful venues that have welcomed same-sex marriages before. Our venues are all gay friendly and will do everything to make you feel welcome and relaxed on your special day and provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

We have a huge selection of gay friendly wedding venues both at home and abroad so you may choose to combine your wedding and honeymoon destination. We list wedding venues in countries where gay marriage is legal but also offer alternative destinations where you can enjoy a commitment ceremony and legalise your marriage in your country of residence. Choosing your perfect wedding destination may depend on the time of year you are planning to get married.

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An Outdoor Wedding

If your plans for your gay wedding extend to enjoying the beauty of nature, there are several beautiful outdoor settings for you and your partner to choose from.

Consider your local botanical gardens, especially if they hold special meaning for you; both beautiful and oftentimes very budget-friendly, a botanical garden can provide you with the beautiful and romantic setting that you are looking for.

A beach-side or lakeside wedding can often be set up rather quickly and affordably and will provide you with a perfect romantic backdrop for the vows you exchange during your gay wedding.

If your own garden is one that you have spend hours tending to, it may provide the perfect natural backdrop for your romantic wedding; filled with the beauty of your flowers and trees, it is the perfect setting.

Remember that your gay wedding venue is one that will hold special meaning for you for years to come, so be sure to select a location that you can perhaps enjoy every year on your wedding anniversary!

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An Indoor Wedding

If you are planning your gay wedding at the height of the summer heat or in the middle of what promises to be a frigid winter, an indoor wedding might be the best option for you!

Consider holding your wedding at a hotel resort that can provide your guests with a variety of entertainment and activity options to indulge in as a part of the preparations and fun leading up to your big day!

Many hotels and even bed and breakfast establishments offer wedding party packages that will also include your own personal wedding planner who will make sure that all of the fine details of your wedding come together smoothly.

Perhaps the venue that you and your partner attend has an opening on the day that you are planning your gay wedding; the majority of venues are willing to work with your schedule and your budget to help you plan your dream wedding.

It may be that your home, or the home of one of your friends or family members not only holds special meaning to you but can also provide you with the intimate and budget-friendly wedding that you are looking for!

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Gay Friendly Wedding Venue – does it Matter?

Just because your dream wedding venue has not held a gay wedding previously does not mean that the venue will have homophobic staff and won’t be able to deliver on the day. That’s just not true. Gay weddings are relatively new so therefore only a small number of the population have had, been to and held a gay wedding.

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding reception will be deciding on your wedding venue. We have the biggest selection of gay friendly wedding venues at home or abroad with venues indoor, outdoor, unusual and special interest venues.

However our advice is to visit the venue before you book and speak to the staff. Maybe take a small group of friends and have a meal or a drink. With some venues you will be able to tell straight away how accepting and welcoming they are. For those venues that are not friendly well don’t give them your hard earned money and let us know so we can advise others.

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Selecting the Venue for your Gay Wedding

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of planning any wedding is the selection of the ideal venue for your special day. While some couples have the ideal venue in mind prior to the proposal, it can definitely be difficult to find the ideal location to exchange your vows of love and devotion. The place where you and your beloved exchange your vows of love and commitment should be a place that holds special meaning for both of you.

Which wedding venue do we choose?
Don’t leave choosing your wedding venue until the last minute. Good wedding venues get booked up well in advance especially for peak times so if you want to be in with a shout of getting your perfect date then book early.

Take a list of questions with you about your preferences for your day and don’t be afraid to ask away.

Check the venue’s guest capacity as some venues have rooms of different sizes and others have only one reception room. So, if you are planning to invite 150 people and the venue can only seat 50 then there may be a slight problem.

Does the venue accept children? If you are planning to have lots of youngsters running around then check with the venue if they allow children and to what time in the evening.

Can guests stay at venue? Many guests will preferably choose to stay at the venue itself on the wedding and evening the night before if they are travelling a long distance. Ask the venue how many rooms will be available and if they offer special rates on rooms for guests of the wedding party.

If your venue cannot accommodate enough guests then ask them if there are hotels nearby they recommend.

Discuss your decoration and theme with the wedding coordinator at the venue. If there is a particular theme you want make sure that they can accommodate it.

Ask your venue if there is anything you need to be aware of that they don’t allow as some venues may have unusual rules and regulations.

Discuss the in house catering. What menu’s do they have available and what are the price options? Can you mix and match?

Some venues will provide you with recommendations of local photographers and makeup artists who work regularly with that venue. It’s always worth checking these out and getting references.

Considering a Marquee? – Marquees can provide a great alternative to a hotel and nowadays have great heating and toilet facilities not to mention stunning décor. So, if you have a bit of land it may be worth talking to a marquee hire company.

Why not choose an unusual venue – there are some rather unconventional places that are able to deliver gay marriages. Places include zoo’s, windmills, boat’s and museums.