Formal or Buffet Wedding Catering?

wedding waiter carrying plates of asparagus

Cocktails or champagne? Choosing your wedding menu’s can be very stressful and can greatly impact on your budget. Get the choices wrong and you could be remembered by your guests for all the wrong reasons.

The simple choices to you are to hire a wedding caterer who will bring, prepare and serve all of the food for you usually as a buffet although there are services who will arrange your reception meal. Look for a caterer with a good reputation and once you decide who you are going with be armed with a list of questions to ensure you get the menu you want for the price you want.

Alternatively you may wish to use the catering services of your wedding venue which are often excellent and well experienced. Again be sure to liaise with the wedding organiser of the venue to agree your menu options and don’t be shy to ask for any desired changes to┬áthe menu’s. Finally, don’t underestimate the number of guests as you won’t want to leave your hungry friends and family short of food.