Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

Gay wedding cake topper of two gay men

Picking Out Gay Wedding Cake Toppers
Picking out a wedding cake topper that works best for your wedding cake can be a bit of a difficult thing to find – especially if you are looking for a customized wedding cake topper that is a reflection of your personal style as a couple! There are many options in gay wedding cake toppers so you are sure to find one that fits your specific requirements!

Online Sources
Do a bit of searching online to find any number of wedding cake topper sellers that specializes in same-sex marriage cake toppers. You are likely to find several that offer a choice in the outfits that the little figures are wearing as well as the position that they are posed in. From two men in matching suits to two women in blue jeans and t-shirts and even down to the colour of the hair and eyes of each of the figures – your choices are near endless!

Customized Gay Wedding Cake Toppers
If you have a lot more flexibility in your budget then you should consider looking into customized gay wedding cake toppers that can be designed to look exactly like you and your partner. What a great way to have a long-lasting memento from your special day than to have your customized wedding cake topper to store in your wedding memory box!

Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers
If you and your partner don’t tend to follow the traditional then perhaps you would be better interested in gay wedding cake toppers that are a little more on the unique side! From a small decoration that depicts your mutual love of a sport, hobby, or other activity to perhaps a simple topper that is comprised of two golden wedding bands and the familiar rainbow shaded flag!

At the end of the day it is important to remember that your gay wedding cake toppers should be a true reflection of your unique and personal style. If you and your partner make the decision to open, instead, for cupcakes or even chocolate brownies at your wedding then a simple decoration on each of the cakes in the form of your initials may be all the cake topper that you need!