Gay Wedding Flowers

two lesbians holding their gay wedding flowers

The morning of or the night before the wedding is not always the best time for the couple or their family to be preparing the wedding flowers therefore unless the floral displays are very simple it may be an idea to have them professionally prepared by a florist. As this is your special day we would advise that you find a florist who specialises in wedding flowers and it is always an idea to pay them a visit so you can see the quality of their work. Once you have decided on your florist be sure to book them well in advance to avoid disappointment nearer to the time of your wedding.


Choosing your flowers should be decided after you have made the decision about what to wear on your wedding day. The style and colour of the flowers should be in keeping with the theme of the wedding and in particular should reflect the personality of the happy couple.

Check out our gay wedding flower guide for more information on choosing your wedding flowers.