Lesbian Weddings

Congratulations! You are about to embark on one of the greatest and most unforgettable journeys of all time. Demonstrating a life time commitment to your lesbian partner through marriage is an irreplaceable experience. We want you to enjoy every step of the way and we are here to help. On average a couple will spend over 300 hours planning a gay wedding! That’s the equivalent to working on your wedding planning full time for over eight weeks. Our expertise here at GayWeddingVenues.co.uk can help you to reduce some of that stress buy providing you with the following:

Inspirational ideas for your lesbian wedding from your wedding cake to what you will wear on your big day.

Expert advice for planning a gay wedding from money saving ideas to how to write your own wedding vows.

A stunning selection of uniquely designed contemporary lesbian wedding stationary.

Exclusive offers on gay weddings abroad working with hand-picked gay friendly wedding planners in some of the most stunning locations worldwide.

Luxurious honeymoon destinations are brought to you with a relaxed gay friendly welcome in mind to enable you both to sit back and enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the world while you reminisce about your wedding day.

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My Wedding or Our Wedding?

It is truly an exciting step in your relationship when you and your partner decide to unite and get married! It is important, however, that you remember that your wedding day is supposed to be about the two of you – you should always keep in mind that it is “our wedding” and not “my lesbian wedding!” To ensure that things flow smoothly during the planning process there are a few tips to helping you keep on track with your mindset!

It can be all too easy to forget to communicate effectively with your partner when it comes to making plans for your wedding. Your wedding day is not just about you and what you want; neither is your wedding day about anything else other than the love that you and your partner have for each other. Try to always communicate with your partner about every aspect of your wedding, even down to the place settings and the colours used on your wedding invitations!

Don’t Let the Stress Overwhelm You
If your partner and you are not effectively communicating with one another then she may not know just how stressed you actually are and not understand how “our” wedding has transformed into “my lesbian wedding.” Communication, honesty, and knowing when to ask for help will help you to ensure that your stress levels are kept to a minimum! Stress can be a major contributing factor to the complete destruction of a relationship – so ensure that it does not happen to you!

A Focus On What Matters
If you do find that you and your partner are starting to get aggravated with one another then you need to immediately take the time to focus on one another and your need to spend time together without stress and the complications that weddings often bring with them.

Don’t be afraid to downsize your wedding plans if you find that your plans are rapidly moving into the realms of overwhelming and overly stressful. As an alternative to an elaborate wedding consider eloping to a place that holds special meaning to you and your partner! You can always host a dinner for your friends and family when you return – as a celebration of your newlywed status!

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Lesbian Wedding Vow Ideas

Your wedding day is a special day! It is your opportunity to announce, in front of your friends and family, your devotion and level of commitment to your partner as you commit to spending your lives together. When it comes to your lesbian wedding vows you have several options – you can opt for the traditional wedding vows, you can recite poetry to your beloved, or you can write your own lesbian wedding vows!

Traditional vows
If you and your partner are leaning more towards the traditional for your wedding then you may want to consider sticking to the traditional wedding vows. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish – these words are appropriate for any two people in love to speak to one another in front of their friends and family. Traditional wedding vows can help you to keep your wedding just that much more traditional!

Humorous wedding vows
Are you and your partner constantly laughing and cracking jokes? Then perhaps your lesbian wedding vows should include a fair bit of humour in them to not only make each laugh but to start your marriage on a light and happy note! Consider the addition of several anecdotes from your life together thus far; perhaps a funny story about the day that you met. Your funny lesbian wedding vows should hold special humorous meaning for you and your partner so be sure to be a bit creative with your vows.

Romantic wedding vows
Consider the use of romantic lesbian wedding vows that will help you to demonstrate just how much your partner means to you. Romantic wedding vows can take the form of anything from a favourite poem, to a quote from your favourite author and even special words that are written deep from your heart. Try to keep your romantic vows from being too emotional so that you can avoid making your partner sob at the altar! It simple wouldn’t do to have both you and your partner in tears at the altar – even if the tears are tears founded in love!

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Lesbian Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for lesbian wedding invitations that will impress and wow your guests? Your wedding is your special day to announce your love and commitment to your partner in front of everyone who holds a special place in your life! Use your wedding invitations to introduce your bride to be to your guests and impart a little bit of your personality into the invitations – after all, your wedding invitations are setting the tone for your big day! Do it in a way that is sure to wow all of your guests!

Traditional Wedding Invitation
If you and your partner have a personal style that lends towards the traditional and you are electing to host a wedding that is along the line of traditional then you should consider lesbian wedding invitations that are not just traditional but that are also the same colours as your wedding colours will be. A white card with delicate silvery embossed images along with stylish calligraphy can be an excellent choice for your traditional lesbian wedding invitations. A piece of opaque paper inside of the card can add just that much extra elegance to your traditional invitation!

Funky Wedding Invitation
Do you and your partner have a personal style that angles more towards the funky and eclectic? Is your wedding going to be somewhat off the beaten path? Then your lesbian wedding invitations should definitely be a reflection of your funky personal style! Whether you are opting for a brightly coloured theme to your wedding or simply something that just strays from the norm and appeals to you and your partner – your lesbian wedding invitations are your opportunity to set the tone for your upcoming nuptials!

Personalized Custom Lesbian Wedding Invitations
If you and your partner plan on a much smaller and more intimate wedding ceremony then perhaps you will enjoy creating personalized wedding invitations for every one of your wedding guests. You could write a little note inside of the invitation to your wedding guest explaining why you would like them to attend your special day; a personalized and customized wedding invitation is a wonderful way of letting your wedding guests know how important to you and your partner that they attend your wedding!

No matter what you’re personal style or what kind of lesbian wedding invitations that you opt for it is important to remember that your wedding day is your opportunity to let your personality shine through in everything related to your wedding!

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Lesbian Wedding Cake Toppers

Purchase Handmade Gay Wedding Cake Toppers to Look Like You

Selecting lesbian wedding cake toppers can be somewhat difficult unless you know where to search! While the majority of bakeries will have cake toppers that are suitable for same-sex couples, you may run into difficulty locating lesbian wedding cake toppers that depict two women dressed casually or both in elegant suits! If your wedding is leaning more towards the casual with you and your partner taking the blue jeans route then it would seem almost downright silly to have a cake topper that depicts two ladies in incredibly formal wear! Picking the right lesbian wedding cake toppers can be frustrating, for sure; however, the following tips can help to point you in the right direction!

Shop Online
There are numerous online retailers that offer same-sex couple wedding cake toppers that can even be customized to be absolutely perfect for your own wedding cake! If you find yourself struggling to locate the perfect options in lesbian wedding cake toppers then consider seeking out a company that will design a complete custom wedding cake topper for your cake!

Ask Friends For Suggestions
If you find yourself without an idea as to the best in lesbian wedding cake toppers then consider asking your friends for suggestions. Perhaps one of your recently married friends has a suggestion for a topper for your wedding cake; perhaps they can recommend a retailer that was able to provide them with the perfect cake topper for their own wedding!

No Cake Topper!
Consider the option of not topping your cake off with a little figurine; while it would seem that lesbian wedding cake toppers are more geared towards the traditional wedding theme, this is your opportunity to stand out a little more in the sea of weddings that your guests will attend – consider doing away completely with the cake topper and perhaps opt for additional flowers or other cake decorations like a snowboard, a horse, or something that depicts an important aspect of your shared lives.

In the event that you find yourself at a complete loss as to which cake toppers will be the best option for your wedding cake try not to stress too much about it! Talk to your cake designer and find out if they have an idea or a suggestion – perhaps they can even find a way to incorporate a favored photograph of you and your partner into the cake!

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Lesbian Wedding Cake

Purchase Handmade Gay Wedding Cake Toppers to Look Like You

As the focal point for your wedding reception, your lesbian themed wedding cake should be something that reflects your personal style while still being absolutely delicious! There are many bakeries that offer creative and innovative wedding cakes that are sure to please even the most discerning brides!

Traditional Vs. Eclectic
The traditional tiered wedding cake has long been thought of as being dry and simply not delicious! However, the trend now is to create a wedding cake that is made up of only the best in delicious cake and topped with the finest icing to result in an incredible creation that is sure to be gobbled up in short order!

Once you have decided on the type of cake that you want, for example: chocolate, vanilla or even lime, and then determine if you are looking for the traditional tiered wedding cake topped with figurines representative of you and your partner or a somewhat eclectic cake that is colourful and decorated in a whimsical style!

Cupcakes Or A Full Sized Cake
Consider straying away from the traditional full sized cake and opt for cupcakes! Not only are cupcakes an interesting centrepiece to replace the standard tiered wedding cake, but they are also a lot more fun and simply a lot less fussing to deal with when it comes time to eat the cake!

Attractively decorated cupcakes can be topped with you and your partner’s initials or simply with something that continues the theme of your wedding. For example, if your wedding theme involves jasmine blossoms then perhaps your cupcakes could be topped with delicate marzipan jasmine flowers as a continuation of your theme!

The No Cake Option
If a standard lesbian wedding cake is simply not something that appeals to you and your partner then perhaps you can consider opting for something else that does better appeal to you. An ice cream cake or even a delicately sculptured chocolate figure could be the ideal alternatives to a cake that you simply wouldn’t enjoy.

Remember that your wedding day is about you and your partner; the choices that you make for your wedding day should be an honest reflection of your personal tastes and your personal style!

lesbian wedding etiquette

Lesbian Wedding Etiquette

If you have been invited to your first same sex wedding you may have a few concerns about the wedding and any etiquette that may be involved for attending a lesbian wedding! How do you address the card? How do you select a gift? Is there a right gift for a lesbian wedding? Is your head spinning with questions and concerns?

Well the first thing that you need to do is to stop thinking of a lesbian wedding as being anything different from any other wedding! A wedding, no matter the gender of those involved, is a celebration of the love and devotion that two people have for one another! With this in mind you can now move on to a few of the finer etiquette pointers for the upcoming wedding!

Wedding Gifts
Your friends have most likely registered their happy day at one or more retailers so that guests can pick out a gift from their registry. Select a gift from their registry that not only fits into your budget but is also something that no one else has already purchased. If your friends have not registered their wedding at any retailers then you should take the time to carefully select a gift for the newlyweds. Pick a gift that speaks from your heart; a gift that is a reflection of the happiness that you feel for their happiness! If your friends have a love for a shared hobby then perhaps a gift related to their favourite hobby. In general you can’t go wrong with house wares or gift certificates; however, if you do purchase something that is not off of their registry then be sure to include a gift receipt – just in case!

During The Wedding
During the wedding and the reception it is important to remember that the wedding that you are attending is no different from any other wedding where two people are committing their lives and their love to one another. As a celebration of your friends love and their commitment for one another you should be sure that you take the time to congratulate them after the ceremony!

A lesbian wedding is a very important moment for the two women who are committing themselves to one another – be sure that you are demonstrating your love and support for your friends on this their most important day as a couple!

Tips for Lesbian Weddings

When it comes to planning lesbian wedding there can sometimes be a bit of concern about whether or not it is acceptable to incorporate elements from traditional weddings. The truth is that your wedding is all about you and your partner; there are no limitations or restrictions on what you do on your special day!
Dress to Impress
Are you debating each wearing a wedding gown? Or perhaps are you each more leaning towards wearing an elegant tailored suit? Perhaps getting married in jeans and a t-shirt is more your personal style? There are no set rules when it comes to your wedding! Select clothing that is a reflection of your own style and is something that you will be completely comfortable in.

Your Invitations
Your invitations should do more than provide your guests with details about the when’s and where’s of your ceremony; they should also convey to your guests what kind of ceremony you are planning on having. Lesbian weddings are the perfect opportunity to stray from the norm and have the kind of wedding that makes your dreams for your special day come true! Ensure that your wedding invitations have a location map included with them, especially if you are planning on hosting your wedding in a somewhat difficult to get to location!

You’re Ceremony
Consider getting your friends and family members involved in your wedding ceremony and in your reception festivities; consider having your best friend walk you down the aisle, for example. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity for those in your life to read favourite poems or quotes or simply to make heartfelt toasts to you and your partner.

Wife or Partner?

To avoid any potential confusion over what your friends and family should refer to you and your partner as, you should determine what you are going to introduce yourselves as! Will you be referring to your beloved as your wife? As your partner? Or as your life partner? No matter what your choice, remember that it is entirely up to you! You should use your titles for one another with complete confidence!

Lesbian weddings are the ideal opportunity to introduce to your friends and family the absolute love and commitment that you have for your partner!

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Successful Planning

Have you and your partner decided to take the giant step in your relationship and get married? Have you rapidly gone from being over the moon with excitement to overly panicked about just how much you have to do in order to successfully plan for your magical wedding day? To ensure that your wedding is a smooth and absolute success then you should use the following guide for your lesbian wedding planning!

Lists, Lists, Lists!
With any large project it is important to create lists for everything that you need to accomplish; lists will not only help you to keep on top of what needs to be tackled next but they will also help you to ensure that things are accomplished in the most efficient manner possible.

You should have lists for every little detail that needs to be addressed before your wedding day; from selecting a venue and selecting a florist to selecting your wedding cake and keeping on top of your guest lists! Lists can help you to get everything taken care of as efficiently and as effectively as possible!

Recruiting Help
Whether you like to admit it or not, it simply just isn’t possible to accomplish everything that you need to do before your big day. Recruiting help for even the smallest of tasks can help you to much more readily cross items off of your lists. If you find yourself staring at a large stack of wedding invitations that need to be addressed and stamped then you should consider inviting a few friends over for a wine and pizza wedding invitation completion party! With a little bit of help you will be amazed at how much easier it will be to accomplish every item on your lists!

Relax And Have Fun!
At all times it is important that you remember that your wedding day is about you, your partner, and the absolute love that you have for one another. No amount of stress and overwhelming details can put a kink in the strength of your relationship with your partner. Try to spend as much time as possible together prior to your wedding, amongst the chaos of your lesbian wedding planning! Above all, your happiness and overall wellbeing are the most important things to focus on!

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Planning your Lesbian Wedding

Are you and your partner looking to plan a wedding that will do more than celebrate your commitment and love for each other but will also be the most elegant and romantic wedding that your family and friends have ever attended? The following wedding tips will help to set you on the right path to the planning and execution of the most romantic lesbian wedding you could imagine!

A Romantic Venue
Select a romantic venue that offers you and your guests a sense of romance on your special day, and a venue that also neatly fits into your allotted wedding budget. A sunset lake or seaside lesbian wedding venue can be the perfect romantic backdrop for your special day. Check out the rest of the site for more tips about selecting the best romantic venue for your special day!

Beautiful Wedding Invitations
Your wedding invitations should impart a sense of romance and a bit of your own personal style. Chose colours favoured by both you and your partner and perhaps consider including a romantic quote or poem about the symbolism of your marriage and love for one another. For completely custom and unique lesbian wedding invitations consider making your own; with a little bit of creativity and a few supplies from a craft store, you will be able to design your ideal wedding invitations!

Wedding Vows from the heart
Perhaps more important that the rings that you and your beloved exchange during your lesbian wedding ceremony, the vows that you exchange hold special meaning for the heartfelt intents behind them. For your special day consider breaking away from the traditional vows somewhat and writing your own romantic vows to one another.

A Reception Of Romance
Your lesbian wedding reception should be one that allows your guests to join you in the celebration of your special day by enjoying the romantic ambience and perhaps by letting loose a little bit on the dance floor! Don’t forget about adding romance to your wedding cake with the inclusion of romantic touches that mean something special to you and your partner, including the figurines on the top of your cake!

From your choices in flowers, to wardrobe, and even to the music that you walk down the aisle to, your romantic lesbian wedding should be an event that stands out as one of the best days of your life!