Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool, UK

The Two of Us
The hotel’s very own wedding suite. A uniquely designed room in which to celebrate your wedding day. Dramatic artwork and photographs along with the contemporary design create the perfect location for a memorable day.
Function Suites
Zygmant Suite is dedicated to the 60’s and 70’s Fleet Street photographer Bill Zygmant who was responsible for taking some stunning images that were historically significant such as the first ever seen photograph of John and Yoko seen in public and the only photographer to photograph John on Top of The Pops for Instant Karma appearance.
Haris Bar is a themed residents bar that echoes George Harrison’s love of India which includes photographs of the Beatles in India that were taken in Rishikesh by Paul Saltzman, an American who simply found himself in the right place at the right time – in the same Ashram that the Beatles attended to listen to the wisdom of Maharishi.
Hard Day’s Night Suite is a function suite that shows the amazing array of merchandise and products produced or connected with the Hard Day’s Night film, single and album
Every Bride and Groom have a different idea for how they would like their special day to be.  With this in mind we are very much guided by you on your choice of menus and flowers etc.  We have included a selection of menus and wine lists for your consideration, but should you have a particular menu in mind, our Executive Chef can put together a package just for you.